5 Areas You Need Improvement

From strictly a talent development standpoint, there are 5 areas you need to improve upon in order to thrust your talent to a professional competitive level. Of course we offer each of these workshops in a private or group boot camp format year round at Star Factory.

In addition to needing competitive imaging, phenomenal music, and strategic marketing and promotions, here are detailed descriptions of 5 areas you should seriously consider developing at Star Factory.



Our private vocal training regiment is designed to teach you the “science” behind singing and contour your raw singing voice into a polished performance vocal. Our instructors are passionate experts who love to see singers realize their full vocal potential. Our proven vocal training regiment is also great for those who vocalize/speak often and are concerned about the maintenance of their vocal chords. Once our clients apply the principles displayed in their lessons, their raw talented singing voices are transformed into a fine tuned, long winded powerful instruments. Singing is one of the most amazing ways to express the real YOU. The better your mechanics, the more you, and others will enjoy it. As a student, you will learn that your natural gifts, talents, and abilities can and will be enhanced through retaining, rehearsing and repeating.

  • Perfecting Pitch

  • Increased Control

  • Champion Breathing Techniques

  • Exploring your Range

  • Vocal Health Care

  • Ear Training

  • Timing and Tempo

  • Developing Vibrato

  • Voice Placement

  • Diction

  • Feeling and Emotion

  • Riffs and Runs

  • and much more


This one-of-a-kind experience has been developed by a group of seasoned industry professionals to create superior stage awareness, ultimate confidence and superstar flare in a live performance environment. Being able to “wow” an audience is one of the most important factors in determining an artist’s success and longevity in the entertainment business. This skill, just like any other talent, must be polished through research, repetition and creativity.

This private or group workshop is designed to cultivate your stage awareness, build confidence, improve your on-stage repertoire and heighten your creativity on stage. After working hard in this extensive 24 week workshop, you will have a whole new swagger to display to record execs in a small conference room, or a sold out arena with your name in lights on the marquee.

As a student in this dynamic workshop you will learn the following principles:

  • What is stage presence

  • Expanding your on stage arsenal

  • How to gain and exude confidence

  • Mechanics of live performing

  • How to feel, connect with, and win over an audience (whether it’s 2 people or 20,000 screaming fans.)

  • How to put a dynamic show together

  • Tricks of the Trade


This hand-crafted course has been put together based on years of experience by seasoned producers, writers, engineers, studio owners and vocalists. With the high cost of music equipment and studio time these days, recording artists must give/receive the best recording possible at all times and at all studios. Our goal in creating this course was to teach you how to record efficiently and effectively through an increased studio IQ, confidence, creativity, proper technique in the booth, and visualization for hit songs.

There’s an industry saying, “the mic doesn’t lie” and this couldn’t be truer in recording sessions. Every mistake, off-note, and uninspired vocal is magnified with high quality studio mics. This one hour course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the recording process, studio protocol, and how to deliver your optimal performance in the studio. You will be doing actual recording in this course.

As a student in this one-of-kind workshop, you will learn the following:

  • What is studio etiquette

  • Increased comfort and confidence during studio sessions

  • How to professionally prepare for studio sessions

  • How to deliver precision recordings in fewer takes

  • Studio Lingo – How to effectively communicate with your producer and studio engineer

  • Professional Song Structure and its importance

  • How to sing/rap “in the pocket” of the song

  • The difference between lead and background vocals and how to master the recording of both


This most important workshop has been birthed through extensive research and planning by seasoned professionals in the music industry as well as top publicists and media strategists from their respective fields. Our goal for developing this workshop was to blend music industry flare with strategic professionalism. Media awareness is one of the most important aspects of all forms of entertainment. I’m sure everyone has read an interview about your favorite rapper in a magazine, or watched your favorite basketball player give a humbling speech during a press conference, or stayed up to see your favorite actress exchange laughs with David Letterman… these are all forms of media outreach.

This workshop was designed to help you create media opportunities and maintain media relations through integrity driven interviews, unique marketing angles, and artistic energy, which will leave indelible impressions upon the media, as well as your targeted demographic of potential fans. After applying yourself for 24 weeks in this extensive workshop, you will be a publicists dream come true with star written all over your face.

As a student in this unique workshop you will learn the following:

  • Voice practicing (vocal inflection, laughing, star appeal)

  • How to give integrity driven, yet entertaining interviews

  • How to respond to negative press/how to be politically correct

  • How to market your music without singing a note

  • What makes an effective EPK

  • How to land print and radio interviews


This group or private dance class teaches all the latest moves, plus the foundation and technique required to execute the more complicated and exciting hip-hop moves. The language of choreography will be introduced as students become familiar with different approaches to creating dances and how to get from ideas and exploration to a completed dance. Even for non-dancing artists, such as rappers, a private dance class is encouraged to help lose awkwardness and stiffness on stage.


  • To increase strength and flexibility

  • To develop creative sensibilities

  • To develop performance quality and comfort on stage

  • To contribute to an ensemble performance

  • To learn about dance production

  • To enjoy expression through movement

  • To develop movement memory through learning dances


There will be in-workshop assignments covering everything in the lesson plan. You will be responsible for taking notes via digital recorder or by hand. Don’t memorize it, learn it! We strongly urge you to practice everyday. If an assignment is given, you are responsible for completing that assignment.


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